9m2 PARASPREAD – 2010

9 m2 para – spread is a project that deals with the reuse and rehabilitation of a problematic area in the contemporary urban fabric by creating a cultural network of creative spaces in Thessaloniki and especially in Fragkomachala area which is full of abandoned buildings, industries and warehouses. The weakness of exploitation by the state has led to the progressive devalorisation of the area with a result of the removal of many professions and services from this area. The network of spaces act mainly as workplaces for new professionals that come into labor market. They run as libraries that provide people subjects to enrich their creativity and do their work in an easiest way. They are spaces of meeting, exchanging of ideas, finding materials, searching and expression, inspiration and work. They are spaces of research, study and creation or simply an escape by the noise of the city. They run also as exhibition spaces that feast presentations and lectures. This whole network constitutes a potential multispace for cultural and creative professions.