A cubic installation where a diagonal width of 70cm is created along its diagonal which divides  the cube into two triangular sections. On the inner side of each section a recess is constructed  by means of a “fluid” hollow surface consisting of quadrangles arranged in such a way as to
create slight folds to the treadmill. The cube is chosen as the basic solid inextricably linked to the meaning of the house. The diagonal corridor highlights the ephemeral, temporary character of the house nowadays, since the environment we each mean as a “home” is not static but constantly changing from a number of factors that affect both the house itself as a concept and the our lives in general. The passage from the corridor changes into an attitude that embraces the visitor creating the safe environment of his “home”. The inner folds represent memories, experiences, pieces of our own self that, through reflection, come to the fore by creating the imaginary focus that every user is looking for to feel safe and acceptable.